Our history

Russian Caviar Italy was founded in 2002 as an Italian-Russian joint venture. Our producersthey use a closed recirculation system of breeding water, making the process of fish growth and production: ecological, sustainable and with low environmental impact.


The technology used was designed in the early 1990s in Astrakhan, the capital of Russian caviar production. It has since evolved to keep up with the times and a new methodology.

The team is made up of professionals with 40 years of experience in caviar production. The biologists in charge come from the Soviet institute in Astrakhan with a specialization in sturgeon fish farming.

Our experts constantly monitor the feed and living conditions of the fish. NO genetically modified products are used during feed production. Feed manufacturers are reliable with the best quality control available and a long history of producing sturgeon food. This ensures that the fish is treated as it would have lived in natural conditions.
The pools are maintained at carefully managed temperatures using unique technology, which allows for the production of fresh caviar throughout the year. Our Caviar House has full control of the caviar maturation process, the result is a caviar that delights the most demanding connoisseurs.
  • Our caviar is to be considered a 100 organic product..
  • Each package is placed on the market accompanied by a CITIES certificate in compliance with current regulations and has all the necessary certifications.
  • No pasteurization process is practiced.
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